Osteoguard Advance 90 Tablets
Osteoguard Advance 90 Tablets

Osteoguard Advance 90 Tablets


Nutritional Information 1 Tablet
Vitamin D3 10µg (400iu)
Vitamin K2 90µg
Calcium 500mg
Magnesium 250mg
Tableted With: Cellulose, Anti-caking Agents (Silicon Dioxide & Magnesium Stearate), Tablet coating (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Glycerine), Crosslinked Cellulose Gum, Stearic Acid.

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Lamberts Osteoguard Advance offers 250mg of magnesium and 500mg of calcium in a two-tablet daily dose. The magnesium is uniquely blended, comprising citrate, hydroxide, and carbonate compounds, while calcium is supplied as both carbonate and citrate.

What distinguishes this formula is the inclusion of 90µg of vitamin K2 per daily dose, particularly in the K2 Menaquinone (MK-7) form, which is vital for bone health. The vitamin K2 in this supplement is naturally sourced from chickpea protein and devoid of cis-isomers.

Additionally, 10µg of vitamin D3 is incorporated, reflecting emerging evidence highlighting the synergistic effects of vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 on bone health. Lamberts Osteoguard Advance supports the maintenance of normal bones by providing ample amounts of vitamins D3 and K2, calcium, and magnesium, all in easily absorbable forms.


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